Sunday, November 28, 2010

My 21 day challenge Art Journal.
This Thanksgiving holiday weekend went by so fast! It was great to spend so much time with everyone...and Ellen has all the pictures on her camera :) I ate too much and played too much and it was worth every moment. We also had Thanksgiving #2 at Michael's parents house on Saturday. I am truly blessed that I really enjoy my family and my in-laws are the best too...seriously I love spending time with them too.
So now I need some time to recoup from my holiday break :)
My goal for tomorrow night is to get some organization done in my studio...Michael has an Ike Pono meeting at our house tomorrow night so I'll be able to get down and dirty-HA! I really want to get rid of some 'stuff' I have been holding on to, thinking I am going to do something with it and it's just time to let some of it go...I'm thinking that it will take more than one night *wink!! It will be good to get started though. These last 21 days has been a great creative boost!!!
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Anonymous said...

So need to look at this at Christmas while I'm there!! It looks amazing!! Just like you!!
xoxo Sisto!


Oooo each looks so different! I'm just now adding some bling to my pages- but I consider it complete-- I'm working on another project now!! Hahaha.
Ooo I need to downsize too- stuff I haven't even looked at in years.