Tuesday, July 17, 2007

michael and i at the bar-b-que
bri lighting off fireworks on our street
here is my niece helen and briana on their decorated bikes for the 4th of july parade in our neighbor hood. we went to the community park and bar-b-qued, had our face painted and water balloon fights..which i won!!

michael decided to 'rip out' the ivy in our front yard and replace it with beauty bark, he did such a great job and it looks sooooooo much better!!
500 pounds of bark!! yikes

briana joined the swim team for the first time this year and loves it!! she has swim practice each day for an hour and a meet once a week. her favorite stroke it freestyle and least favorite is the butterfly. she had improved a great deal, learned how to dive off the block and do flip turns at the wall. she has won quite a few ribbons... 2nd and 3rd place ones!!!! i'm so proud of her for doing something new and different! -she's in the middle lane.
kidist and briana's backside.... they write 'eat my bubbles' !!!! they whole swim team does it to psyche the other team out :)
my trip to california to visit my aunties -from left to right...me, aunt betty, aunt susie, ellen and my mom. my sister and i painted 14 walls for my aunt betty, visited my grandpa, ate too much and had a blast!!