Sunday, December 05, 2010

Girls night dinner :)
Veggie stir-fry has become Briana and my favorite dinner when Michael's not home. We eat dinner on the couch and watch some girlie TV show....and I love it!!! Michael is in Las Vegas doing an Ike Pono class. He left Thursday morning and comes home after 11:00 tomorrow night, I miss him and want him home NOW :) It's just not the same when he is gone.
I went to the Christmas dinner for Scrapbook Nook last night and it was great! I love teaching there, and it was great to have some time to chat with all the girls :) Sharee & Susan (the owners) gave me a gift certificate to the store for Christmas...I think it's got Tim Holtz written all over it!!! I noticed that there was a lot of new product in the store when I went to pick up class supplies yesterday. I also picked out all kinds of goodness for next quarter classes.....some Basic Grey, Graphic 45 and Bo Bunny *when I've got everything designed, I'll post some sneak peeks!

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

My 21 day challenge Art Journal.
This Thanksgiving holiday weekend went by so fast! It was great to spend so much time with everyone...and Ellen has all the pictures on her camera :) I ate too much and played too much and it was worth every moment. We also had Thanksgiving #2 at Michael's parents house on Saturday. I am truly blessed that I really enjoy my family and my in-laws are the best too...seriously I love spending time with them too.
So now I need some time to recoup from my holiday break :)
My goal for tomorrow night is to get some organization done in my studio...Michael has an Ike Pono meeting at our house tomorrow night so I'll be able to get down and dirty-HA! I really want to get rid of some 'stuff' I have been holding on to, thinking I am going to do something with it and it's just time to let some of it go...I'm thinking that it will take more than one night *wink!! It will be good to get started though. These last 21 days has been a great creative boost!!!
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 21 PEOPLE!!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
I was thinking about what I was going to create today.....and I create LOVE and GRATITUDE daily for my family. And that works for me today. Blessings to all & Gobble Gobble ;)
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 20
Here is the blanket I've been making for ME! It's the basket stitch I learned from watching the YouTube video. I can hardly believe there is only 1 more day of my challenge...I don't know what I am going to create family is all here for Thanksgiving...I've got faith that something will turn up...I have not failed yet!!! So bring it on, my 21st day-bring it!
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 19!!!
I started my Thanksgiving Gratitude album...For the last few years I've made tags, then have had each family member and friend write what they are grateful for, then put a picture that has been taken of them Thanksgiving night next to their tag...and whaa-laa the most amazing album ever -if I do say so myself *wink*!! This year I cut up some manila file folders and used some of my favorite stamps. I've had such great luck using my scrap box that I'm thinking I'll use papers from the box to make up the pages and I'll use the 7 gypsies chipboard book covers that I've been saving for that 'special/perfect' project. Really??? what could be better than my family...nothing! I am soooooo looking forward to hangin' with everyone this sisto and 'The' Jesse-the most adorable nephew ever :) he even said (his version) of auntie pinkie for the first time last weekend!! I can hardly wait to post some current pictures of my family on this old blog, cuz it's waaaay over due!

I never thought that these last 19 days would go so fast and challenge my way of thinking they way they have...not to mention trigger my creative mojo and self worth. For that I am very grateful!!! Yipeeeeeee :)
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Monday, November 22, 2010

I don't know why this little cutie didn't post with the earlier one tonight
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Day 18...yipeeee!!!
I did make it into work the snow (29*degrees) and my normal 25 min. commute turned into 1 hour 15 min. I still don't feel great...but I'm getting there :) I got some coloring done today but, i just don't have the ooomph to make up some cards.

I have been doing my art journal and I really like it, it's fun to use some product I'm hoarding, i mean saving for that special idea :) It's a win-win since it is finally getting used and it will be in my journal so I'll get to keep it forever!
I can hardly believe there is only 3 more days of Rhonna's 21 day challenge...I'm already getting sad :(
My sisto and her family are here in two days for Thanksgiving!!! I can hardly wait for 4 days off work, and of course family time -Gobble Gobble :)
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 17
I have been in bed all day again today (i did get up to shower...even i couldn't stand me anymore) and I'm still feverish and not feeling 100%. I thought I would post a couple of cards I've made from past classes. The first is a gift card holder with a fun little 'belly band' that slides off. The second one is using one of my favorite paper lines...Graphic 45.

Going to turn the lights out and snuggle in for some sleep....okay and maybe just a little episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. I do...I do -I love watching all of the housewife cities...can't explain it, I'm hooked! Send me some healthy ju-ju :)
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 16!
Here are some cards I have taught in past classes at Scrapbook Nook. I don't have the energy to get out of bed to create anything today, yet I thought I could share some of my other creations :)

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Day 14 and 15....and today is #16
I came home Thursday (day#14) from work around 4:30 not felling very well and by 6:30 my fever was at 102, started vomiting and didn't stop until after 2:30 Friday morning. I slept most of the day Friday (day #15) and did not get out of bed all day. I was so emotional talking to Michael about not posting and creating something for my blog...he told me not to worry that I could just add two extra days onto my challenge. I started to 'beat myself up' about it...and stopped. I am not going to 'go there'. I had a valid reason for not posting and I was thinking that I would add extra, hello....this is my goal: to post my creations on my blog...share my story. So if I am going to stick with my goal....adding two days won't make a difference.
I started to crochet this scarf/neck warmer (I haven't decided yet) Thursday at work. A few weeks ago I wanted to learn how to do a new crochet stitch so I watched a video on YouTube. I am making myself a blanket using this basket stitch which I love now, and since the weather has been so cold I started making this with some yarn I might just be a neck warmer since I only have 2 skeins. :)
I am starting to feel better, I did get out of bed to make a cup a tea this afternoon.
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