Monday, November 08, 2010

Day 4 ...
Since I have been wanting to use Tim Holtz new paper rosette Alterations die, I dug into my scrap box again and waa-laa!! Let me tell ya people, that die is easier than sliced bread! I also used one of Tim's embossing folders on the black card stock and then some Graphic 45 bits and pieces. Trying to take a photo in my dark studio was tough, this was the best one out of almost 20 pic's -yikes!!
When I went into work today, one of my co-workers (and sweet friend) brought in the 21 day art journal she made! (I didn't even know she was going to do it) We were so excited to tell each other about our first 3 days, it was great. We both shared about how we wanted our art journal to be perfect....HA! I used a long stamp on yesterday's page, and part of the image didn't stamp because of texture on the back side of the paper. I immediately thought "great, I've ruined it already". Then I reminded myself that this was about playing & having fun!!!! So I filled it in and you can't even tell that the stamp didn't stamp :)
I was also worried as today went on that I wasn't going to feel like craftin' when I got home. I got home late because I am covering for someone, traffic was nasty and I had to stop to put gas in my car....ya know, then dinner, pick up, put away....blah blah blah. I started thinking that it is a choice, it's something that I really wanted to do -so just get up, and go DO IT!!! I was exhausted when I got home and now I feel great. I completed something I said I would do. I did it!! So bring it on day 5, bring it on!!
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Sorry for all the typo's in my comment yesterday!! I knew I should of been in bed already..hehe.

Okay can't wait to see your pages!!

Oh that Tim, he has such fabulous idea, he really is amazing.

OMG, I can't believe you found someone who was also doing the challenge at work. It was a great surprise, I bet. Funny how she shared it at work, I love that freedom. I bought the journal and markers yesterday so that I could work on it while at lunch or on my train ride home. It would never occur to me to share it with someone...I mean aside from my bloglandia peeps!!
I'm glad that you didn't let your hectic day keep you from creating such wonderful art!!!

a BIG THANKS for your support!!!

You are right--WE CAN DO THIS.

Hope you have a fantastic day

Anonymous said...

Yet again, another fantastic card!! You've got mad skills!!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous Annette! I just got this die and am impressed with it too... although I've yet to create anything with it! Thanks for sharing!
Pam Going Postal