Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 14 and 15....and today is #16
I came home Thursday (day#14) from work around 4:30 not felling very well and by 6:30 my fever was at 102, started vomiting and didn't stop until after 2:30 Friday morning. I slept most of the day Friday (day #15) and did not get out of bed all day. I was so emotional talking to Michael about not posting and creating something for my blog...he told me not to worry that I could just add two extra days onto my challenge. I started to 'beat myself up' about it...and stopped. I am not going to 'go there'. I had a valid reason for not posting and I was thinking that I would add extra, hello....this is my goal: to post my creations on my blog...share my story. So if I am going to stick with my goal....adding two days won't make a difference.
I started to crochet this scarf/neck warmer (I haven't decided yet) Thursday at work. A few weeks ago I wanted to learn how to do a new crochet stitch so I watched a video on YouTube. I am making myself a blanket using this basket stitch which I love now, and since the weather has been so cold I started making this with some yarn I might just be a neck warmer since I only have 2 skeins. :)
I am starting to feel better, I did get out of bed to make a cup a tea this afternoon.
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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for not beating yourself up!!! You contended with a lot of stuff this week, so you definitely don't deserve feeling guilty or feeling like you're slacking, because you have been doing your best. Like Rhonna said today, "never, never, never give up" (Actually it was first said by Winston Churchill, but Ms. Farrer reminds us!) Keep the fluids going and I hope you will feel better soon!!!