Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 19!!!
I started my Thanksgiving Gratitude album...For the last few years I've made tags, then have had each family member and friend write what they are grateful for, then put a picture that has been taken of them Thanksgiving night next to their tag...and whaa-laa the most amazing album ever -if I do say so myself *wink*!! This year I cut up some manila file folders and used some of my favorite stamps. I've had such great luck using my scrap box that I'm thinking I'll use papers from the box to make up the pages and I'll use the 7 gypsies chipboard book covers that I've been saving for that 'special/perfect' project. Really??? what could be better than my family...nothing! I am soooooo looking forward to hangin' with everyone this weekend...my sisto and 'The' Jesse-the most adorable nephew ever :) he even said (his version) of auntie pinkie for the first time last weekend!! I can hardly wait to post some current pictures of my family on this old blog, cuz it's waaaay over due!

I never thought that these last 19 days would go so fast and challenge my way of thinking they way they have...not to mention trigger my creative mojo and self worth. For that I am very grateful!!! Yipeeeeeee :)
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Anonymous said...

Keep Rockin' it Sisto!!! You continue to motivate and make others dream thru you!!! xoxo