Sunday, April 01, 2007

here is the old downstairs bedroom... it took 2 coats of primmer
to cover all the paint.

here's the new studio pink!!!

i went from a room that was at least 3 times as big and an extra truly was my dream room. this room is slowly winning me over... it's
tiny and it's mine :) it's starting to 'feel' more like me. i'm thinkin' it's a new start and pretty soon "My Studio Pink" will be up and running!! i'll have a warehouse full of my products, a huge office with staff and maybe even a sure sounds good...really good!!! I have fun ideas and the commitment to go with
-watch out --here i come!!


Ronda said...

Nettie! Woo Hoo! Studio Pink is up and your room and on this blog!! Way to go!

Looking forward to sharing some time with you in your studio and seeing your products!

Love to you!

Patsy said...

You write very well.