Monday, April 02, 2007

briana had an all school skate party last week at skate king. i took her and her girlfriends, kidist and fre. they were pretty excited to get there and see everyone...especially the boys
i use to go to skate king almost every weekend through out jr. high school... it was soooo wierd to walk in and see that nothing had changed (truly-nothing) it even smelled the same. i had blast putting my skates on and showing bri some pointers...and boy did my legs/feet hurt the next day. it was much easier 26 years ago......yikes
fre and lupita
briana and kiditst


Ronda said...

Skate on Roller Babes!!

Ronda said...
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sueellieslife said...

man, i bet that brought a bunch of memories back! Did you have a graveyard? remember those drinks?